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We believe that nothing enhances a moment like sharing a great cocktail. Stirred Occasions enable hosts to bring their gatherings to life with ease, confidence, and professionalism. The Stirred app helps individuals make easier cocktail decisions, have higher cocktail confidence, and broaden their cocktail horizons. 
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Stirred’s Virtual Cocktail Occasion enables hosts tbring their gatherings to life with ease, confidence, and professionalism. 

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Happy Customers

Best team event in a very long time



It was a much-needed break from what has been a pretty intense period for all of us.


Arc Worldwide

I received so many pings after the event and everyone was raving about it… safe to say everyone loved it!



Everyone who attended had an absolutely amazing time and we've gotten wonderful feedback. We hope to do it again soon :)


Madison Square Park Conservancy

I learned a few things for sure, and came back in later to watch the replay and mix the Adobe 125. It was my favorite and it also became apparent I need to practice my lime cutting….



The Stirred Mixologist really made our job so much easier and I hope others took notes on the cocktail tips! I will be making one for myself again at one point in the summer.




Stirred is a service for cocktail occasions and a digital companion to empower magical moments at home.

Please enjoy and drink responsibly

Image Credits: Irene Kim Shepherd