About Stirred

Our Start

Founded by longtime friends and cocktail enthusiasts Stephen George and Brian McKillips while looking for the right cocktails to make on New Year’s Eve, Stirred now consists of a passionate team of professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to catalyzing magical moments for all who love craft drinks and hospitality. Based in Oakland, CA, Stirred launched publicly in December 2017.

What makes stirred occasions unique?

Stirred is buliding an ecosystem of products and services that empower you to mix magic at home. In addition to the Occasion you have access to our (Beta) app that becomes a bartending rescource long after the event has ended. Our team has worked hard to curate a list of truly craft cocktails that will delight you and the participants of your Occasion. We provide a white glove experience and can handle every aspect of the event, all you have to do is book!  

Why Cocktails?

We believe that nothing enhances a moment like sharing a great cocktail. Stirred Occasions enable hosts to bring their gatherings to life with ease, confidence, and professionalism. The Stirred app helps individuals make easier cocktail decisions, have higher cocktail confidence, and broaden their cocktail horizons. 

Stirred is a service for cocktail occasions and a digital companion to empower magical moments at home.

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Image Credits: Irene Kim Shepherd