The Stirred App (BETA)

A digital cocktail companion to empower magical moments at home and expand your cocktail horizons

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Fill your virtual shelf with what you have or want and we’ll show you what you can make. Mark your favorite cocktails and save others to try later.


Learn exactly how to make each drink and discover cocktail hacks. Uncover new ways to use your ingredients with our in-recipe substitution suggestions.


Find the perfect cocktail for the moment and discover new favorites. Explore recipes by ingredients, style, occasion, flavor, and more.

Mix magic at home 

Our BETA app enables easier cocktail decisions, higher cocktail confidence and broader cocktail horizons. Start to assemble your shelf on our app and discover what you can make right now! 
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But what to make, and how?  

If only someone could come alongside you to reveal all the cocktails you can make with what you have, show you exactly how to make them, and help you discover new drinks you’ll love. 
If only…

The Magic Menu



To start using the Magic Menu you can add items from your home bar and kitchen on the shelf tab. Add ingredients through search or by selection and enable "GROCERY ITEMS" to add ingredients that are common in kitchens, and available in most grocery stores. 



Next navigate to the "Drinks" tab and you should see a list of cocktails under where it says “Magic Menu”. Scroll through to find what you like or click SEE ALL to find an extensive list of all of the cocktails you can make using the ingredients you have. 



Some of the cocktails on your Magic Menu will include ingredients that aren't currently in your shelf; however, the app provides a replacement for whatever is missing using ingredients you do have. Browse the list until you find something your interested in and get to mixing!

What's in your bar?

Assemble your shelf and discover what you can make right now.

Image Credits: Irene Kim Shepherd