What is Stirred?

We’re a community of hosts, bartenders, and service providers dedicated to creating magical experiences for your cocktailing occasions. We’ve created a platform that connects everything you need to do just that. 

How can I stay connected with Stirred?

Check out our website (where you can sign up for our newsletter) as well as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can also download our App now, available for both iPhone and Android systems.

What is a Virtual Cocktail Occasion and how do I sign up?

A Virtual Cocktail Occasion is an event organized by a host where they can invite friends, family, or coworkers to enjoy shaking and stirring cocktails together on a virtual conference call. 

All standard Virtual Cocktail Occasion experiences feature a virtual 1 hour cocktail making session led by one of our expert mixologists. Standard VCO’s feature 2 cocktails. 

Hosts can elect to send Stirred cocktail making kits to all participants ahead of time.  

What’s in a standard cocktail making kit? Do I have to order cocktail making kits for my Virtual Cocktail Occasion?

Virtual Cocktail Occasions are available with or without cocktail making kits. Either way, you’ll get an expert bartender who will lead you and your group in making 2 great cocktails. 

All standard Stirred cocktail making kits include: Jigger, Shaker, Bar Spoon, Cocktail Ingredients including Alcohol to make 2 cocktails, and custom bar towel.  

How much does a VCO cost?

Virtual Cocktail Occasions with cocktail making kits are priced at $175 / per kit, with a 10-person minimum per event. Please note, Virtual Cocktail Occasions that feature a mixologist without kits cost $1000. Without kits, the hosts and participants will be responsible for providing ingredients and equipment with which to make cocktails. 

Is there a discount available for my Virtual Cocktail Occasion?

Please email us at occassions@stirred.com. to discuss potential available discounts. 

I love the VCOs standard kit, but can I customize it for my event?

Absolutely! We are able to customize cocktail making kits to curate specific cocktails or include branded items. Customized kits need at least 4 weeks advance notice.

What is the lost package policy for cocktail kits for my event?

Stirred assumes no responsibility for lost or returned kits. In the event of a lost or returned kit, we will do our best to ensure a replacement kit is sent to you at no extra cost. We cannot guarantee a replacement kit will be available for your event.